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We buy your loot!

Would you like to turn your loot into ISK as fast as possible? Contract it to the corporation Guns and Banjos [GUBAN]

How to contract us your loot:

  1. Use, copy and paste your loot from the Eve client, and make sure Jita is selected.
  2. Hit the Submit button and then copy the sell price Evepraisal gives you.
  3. Paste the sell price to your google search field and add ” x 0.6″. Google will then automagically give you the calculated 60 percent of the Jita sell price of your loot.
  4. Use this price to set up a contract with us. Make sure to set the expiration to two weeks.

Nope, you won’t get full price. We will have to pick up your stuff, then haul it to our shop or a market hub, and then make sure it sells. So, it is a long way to profit for us, but a short contract creation for you.

We accept contracted loot from all over empire space (that means low and high security systems, no nullsec or wormholes).

Oh, one more thing: By loot, we usually mean stuff that fell off a capsuleer’s spaceship when you shot it down. Or a shiny afterburner from an exploration site. Not the meta 1 mods from level 3 missions in high security space. If the loot is only useless crap, we might turn it down. But we do have reprocessing experts and industrialist associates that might be able to turn crap into pure gold, so don’t be afraid to try.

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