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Still Running Strong


Our little thrift shop is still open for business. It has been a few months with a few hiccups with our planetside clones, but we have managed to keep inventory reasonably stocked. Now we are getting more up to speed again and EVE Trader, the excellent script for the terran Neocom-device known as “the iPhone” has been updated and now includes contracts as well. This feature made me thinking of working more with our We Buy Your Loot-service. From today we accept contracted loot from all empire space and hope to see more contracts coming from pirates all over New Eden!

Income has been steady, but profits have now been used for market expansion. Our pirate investors have accepted a few months without dividends and this should help the expansion of more useful items for all you frigate pilots in Essence low sec. I would love to get more feedback on the selection of items available in Aeschee, though, so please send me EVEmails or use this form to give me some input on items you would like to see on the market.

Much love from your local used module dealer, Earl Flatts.

Oh, and yes, there are a few new shinies in The Back Room, send us a Want-to-buy contract and it might be yours for a reasonable price!


Moving Faster

No, this is not a post about the incoming breakthroughs of New Edens finest scientist in the area of warping and it’s relation to ship size, but rather about the local market in Aeschee. It moves faster!

I have two main suspects: The recent events in the war between the Gallente and Caldari. And my recent restocking of almost all destroyers and frigates. I move more than the double amount of modules than I used to. And I think it has to do with an increase in local population and destructive behavior – and that the selection of ships are bigger and thus there are more pilots wanting to do a quick shopping and fitting while in low security space.

Whatever is the reason: I have a lot of work to do and I keep on expanding the market, rather than giving my investors quick ISK. We will see how long they will accept this policy. My nephew will start flying his expensive frigs again soon, according to rumors…

September Report

No, I have not left my shop for good. I’ve just been struggling with planetary hardware issues. Especially those that relate to interfacing with my capsules and the camera drones. Thus, flying my spaceships have been hard lately and I’ve spent more time planet side trying to scrape together parts for a new interface. It has been ordered and soon you will see me in space a lot more again. Enough about that, lets go on to the results of September.

September was my second month in business and Guns & Banjos experienced more competition as expected, and thus a lower turnover. But since no more training permits for my crew was needed, there was no huge investments other than restocking the market, so profits where higher than in August. My investors are pleased.

The partnership that provided me hulls for the market has ended, so I will again have to restock the market myself. However, with higher profits I am going to spend some on hiring haulers for the bigger hulls, as I do not fly a jump freighter myself. A new stack of frigates and destroyers is on it’s way.

About hulls. I have decided to stay in the frigate and destroyer class market as the number of modules is quite enough for me to keep track of. That means Guns & Banjos will stay a specialty shop for the small craft pilot. However, certain mods and charges for larger ships might be provided every now and then. But it will be a while before I enter the market for larger hulls. Sorry, you cruiser and above pilots.

All in all, business is still good, and still up and running, but I would love to get some feedback on modules or charges or anything you would like to see stocked.

Partnership Ending

Essence Arms Production [EAPRO] have announced that they are leaving Aeschee in order to support efforts being made in other parts of New Eden. That means Loretta and I will have to step up and start getting hulls to the market again.  I was quite happy with the arrangement as long as it lasted and should you be a local manufacturer or know a local manufacturer, I would like to get in touch with you to see if another similar market split would be possible. Anyway, I will start procuring hulls ASAP so we don’t run completely dry.

Keep on space-truckin’!

August Report

I have been delivering guns and banjos to my customers for a month now! Has it been profitable? Yes and no. Has it been rewarding? Hell, yes! Have we had minor bumps in the road? Definitely. Will we keep on trucking mods to low sec space? Oh, yeah, baby, I am filling up my runner as we speak!

So, we could have been more profitable than we ended up, because Loretta wanted to study some more trading on her spare time. And that cost me an extra training permit for her license. But, as my accountant tells me, this is an investment, not a loss. And soon she will be able to set up almost as many sell orders as me. So, all in all: Profitable it has been, but not in terms of huge amounts of liquid cash. The market has also become visible for small time traders and competitors of all kinds that takes away from my profit, but all in all competition is good for the market as it gets more customers into the station.

But rewarding nonetheless! Lots of pleased customers, a few donations and a couple of contracted loot chests here and there. I am very happy for the reception of my humble store so far, however my investors are expecting some hard currency delivered to their wallet the next month, so no more time to waste on reports and paperwork, let’s get these new modules delivered to Aeschee!

Inventory Count, Aug 25, 2013

I’ve gone over the junkyard and counted every little piece of scrap metal, broken drone and tiny bullet. Please have a look if there is anything you would like. I will probably order quite a lot of it reprocessed within the next few weeks, but some of it may actually end up on the market as more orders become available. Yes, we have invested some ISK in a Dual Trading License for Loretta, so she can spend some time indulging into the secrets of trading, specifically the titles Wholesale – a whole lot of fun! and How To Become a Tycoon.

Strategic Partnership

EAPRO - now providing hulls for the Aeschee market.

EAPRO – now providing hulls for the Aeschee market.

We are happy to announce that Essence Arms Production [EAPRO] will provide the hulls for the market in Aeschee. The positive effect for us at Guns & Banjos is that we can focus more on giving you the finest guns, banjos and accessories for your spaceships. Our first goal is to get a wide selection of frigate sized hulls on the market, and then progress towards battlecruisers class hulls. As bigger hulls become available, more modules and weapon systems and charges will be stocked as well. But please let us know if there is anything you would like to see stocked, be it hulls or modules. Guns & Banjos will continue to provide the odd faction ship every now and then, and make sure the market is stocked should EAPRO not be able keep up with the demand.