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Setting up a Want-To-Buy Contract

If you want to buy something from the junkyard or the back room, you can set up a private Want-To-Buy Contract to the corporation Guns and Banjos. (The corporation named Guns and Banjos Enterprises is in no way affiliated with this shop, so please make sure you select Guns and Banjos.)

  1. You need to be docked in the Sisters of EVE Academy station or have something in your personal hangar there in order to select this station for delivery. I only deliver to this station as I already have a lot of hauling to do.
  2. Open up your contracts window and click on Create Contract.
  3. Select Item Exchange and then Private under Availability. Enter Guns and Banjos in the name field. Click Next.
  4. Confirm the name Guns and Banjos (Not Guns and Banjos Enterprises) and click OK.
  5. Select Aeschee X – Moon 20 – Sisters of EVE Academy in the drop down list. (If you cannot select this, then you are not docked there or do not have anything in your hangar there. See #1.) Do not select any item if any are present. Click Next.
  6. Enter the amount of ISK you are willing to pay for the item you want int the field after I will pay. Make sure I will receive is set to 0 and Expiration is set to 2 weeks. You may also add a description for the contract such as Want to buy Giisti Afterburner to make it easier for us to see. Check the Also request items from buyer.
  7. Type in the name of the item you want to buy and the quantity, then click Add Item.
  8. Confirm the correct item from the list and click OK.
  9. The item you want to buy should now be on the list. Repeat to add more items. Remember to set the price for all your items together in the I will pay-field. Click Next when you have added all wanted items. Also make sure that the items you have on your list is actually listed in the junkyard or the back room!
  10. Review the terms of the contract, make sure everything is to your satisfaction, and then click Finish.
  11. Your contract will be reviewed and if we find your price offer satisfactory it will be accepted and your refurbished item in mint condition will arrive in your hangar.
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