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We are closed down

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No more Guns & Banjos.


From Aeschee to Aounsou

We have moved! To Aunsou! Because I like systems that starts with an A and has a healthy dose of vocals… No, not really, but Aunsou is a crossroads system in the low security space of Placid, with nearby Syndicate (0.0). The war zone in Low sec is a few jumps away, but the constellation of Alselbosier, where Aunsou is the central system, is not part of the war zone. So there are few pilots and corporations calling this home, but it has a reasonable transit traffic.

So what now, will it be just as in Aeschee? No. We are downsizing. From now on we will only list stolen goods when it comes to modules and such. Ammo, drones and other charges will be a mixture of legally acquired wares and stolen or salvaged goods from the killing fields. So there will no longer be a complete frigate combat fitting market, as we strived for in Aeschee. But, the upside to selling mostly stolen goods is that it is cheap! When it comes to contraband, we will try to list it as cheap as possible, and therefore the market in Aunsou will be a great place to stop by and look for a steal. Literally!

We hope to see you soon in Aunsou II – Moon 2 – Caldari Business Tribunal Information Center! (Or to see a contract from you somewhere in New Eden!)

A new Guns & Banjos

PRICE-WAR! Sneaking Gun, Hid in Banjo FTW!

PRICE-WAR! Sneaking Gun, Hid in Banjo FTW!

First: There is a massive price war going on in Aeschee. Go get your super-cheap frigate stuff now!

I don’t know if it is other traders selling out their stock as well or manufacturers with a greater profit margin: all I know is that I am selling most of my stuff cheaper than Jita, with a loss, and there are some great bargains to be made in Aeschee now. Yesterday I sold items for 1.7 billions! 300 millions in sales in one day used to be a fantastic day. But that was all sales with profit, now most of the sales comes with a loss. Thankfully a lot of the stuff I sell is loot collected by my pirate nephew, so I am still making a huge profit on certain items. But all my invested items are going with a loss, and I am fine with that. The liquid cash will be used to build up the new Guns & Banjos. But where will that be?

Well. Am I moving because of the Shadow Cartel? Yes and no. They have made it harder for my frigate loving customers to dock’n’shop because of insta-locking campers outside the station. Not a huge problem for me and my logistics but for passers by stopping for some shopping, without several insta-undocks, it is a lot harder. But if I was just to consider the business side of it, I would stay. I would have to change the inventory, but I would probably earn a lot more catering for one of the biggest low sec entities!

Dammit, Loretta, I asked for an illustration of DOWNsizing!

Dammit, Loretta, I asked for an illustration of DOWNsizing!

But I already had a plan to downsize and specialize more on only certain ships and weapon systems, as covering the whole frigate market was just too much work for me. I want to run a small thrift shop as my original plan was. And for that kind of shop, Aeschee is no longer a good place to be. I am looking for a more backwater system to locate in. With just the right amount of transit traffic. I am still researching locations.

Goodbye Aeschee

I am gonna miss those young soon-to-be Sisters of EVE. I loved to watch them from behind the freight containers in my hangar. Loretta always called me an old pig when she caught me. And she was right. Although, Larvell Hightower is the actual old pig in this crew. But, I digress: The ruthless Shadow Cartel has moved into the station and initiated full lock-down of the whole solar system. I barely got my pod out the other day. The sisters are in shock. The ruthless scumbags have made several attempts on the young students and supplies are running scarce as the cartel is hovering around the dock and shooting down anything that moves. Now, I am a proud service provider for the outlaw community in New Eden, but the cartel is another league of evil. And although I sort of enjoy watching the mayhem unfold outside of the station, I must admit it is no longer a good environment for a space trucker and business man such as myself. It is time to move on.

So, I am going through some old research notes on possible locations for my shop and I am slowly going to move my little storefront to another system. Any suggestions are welcome! I will also do some downsizing of my store due to the workload of maintaining a huge market. So expect a smaller and more specialized stock

The stocked items in Aeschee will not be moved (sorry, Shadow Cartel, I know you would like to blow up all my stuff!), so expect my presence for a long time still. My new store will be announced when I have established myself. Until then, keep coming to Aeschee and enjoy the mayhem and buy some of the stuff that is still in station! There are considerable savings as I am offering a risk rebate at the moment!

What happened?

Well, my lazy good-for-nothing pirate nephew Saftsuze, decided he wanted to spend more time unplugged from his pod. And he pulled the plug on us as well. The whole operation. But now he is back. And that means we are too. And a shitload of crap has been re-listed on the Aeschee market. So, will we keep on as we used to? No. There will be changes. More on that next time.

More rigs

My lovely assistant, Loretta Loveless, has done a wonderful job today putting up a lot of new rigs on the market. I am still not satisfied with the selection of frigate modules, but I need help to get it right, so please give me some wishlists!

– Earl

Still Running Strong


Our little thrift shop is still open for business. It has been a few months with a few hiccups with our planetside clones, but we have managed to keep inventory reasonably stocked. Now we are getting more up to speed again and EVE Trader, the excellent script for the terran Neocom-device known as “the iPhone” has been updated and now includes contracts as well. This feature made me thinking of working more with our We Buy Your Loot-service. From today we accept contracted loot from all empire space and hope to see more contracts coming from pirates all over New Eden!

Income has been steady, but profits have now been used for market expansion. Our pirate investors have accepted a few months without dividends and this should help the expansion of more useful items for all you frigate pilots in Essence low sec. I would love to get more feedback on the selection of items available in Aeschee, though, so please send me EVEmails or use this form to give me some input on items you would like to see on the market.

Much love from your local used module dealer, Earl Flatts.

Oh, and yes, there are a few new shinies in The Back Room, send us a Want-to-buy contract and it might be yours for a reasonable price!