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From Aeschee to Aounsou

We have moved! To Aunsou! Because I like systems that starts with an A and has a healthy dose of vocals… No, not really, but Aunsou is a crossroads system in the low security space of Placid, with nearby Syndicate (0.0). The war zone in Low sec is a few jumps away, but the constellation of Alselbosier, where Aunsou is the central system, is not part of the war zone. So there are few pilots and corporations calling this home, but it has a reasonable transit traffic.

So what now, will it be just as in Aeschee? No. We are downsizing. From now on we will only list stolen goods when it comes to modules and such. Ammo, drones and other charges will be a mixture of legally acquired wares and stolen or salvaged goods from the killing fields. So there will no longer be a complete frigate combat fitting market, as we strived for in Aeschee. But, the upside to selling mostly stolen goods is that it is cheap! When it comes to contraband, we will try to list it as cheap as possible, and therefore the market in Aunsou will be a great place to stop by and look for a steal. Literally!

We hope to see you soon in Aunsou II – Moon 2 – Caldari Business Tribunal Information Center! (Or to see a contract from you somewhere in New Eden!)