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A new Guns & Banjos

PRICE-WAR! Sneaking Gun, Hid in Banjo FTW!

PRICE-WAR! Sneaking Gun, Hid in Banjo FTW!

First: There is a massive price war going on in Aeschee. Go get your super-cheap frigate stuff now!

I don’t know if it is other traders selling out their stock as well or manufacturers with a greater profit margin: all I know is that I am selling most of my stuff cheaper than Jita, with a loss, and there are some great bargains to be made in Aeschee now. Yesterday I sold items for 1.7 billions! 300 millions in sales in one day used to be a fantastic day. But that was all sales with profit, now most of the sales comes with a loss. Thankfully a lot of the stuff I sell is loot collected by my pirate nephew, so I am still making a huge profit on certain items. But all my invested items are going with a loss, and I am fine with that. The liquid cash will be used to build up the new Guns & Banjos. But where will that be?

Well. Am I moving because of the Shadow Cartel? Yes and no. They have made it harder for my frigate loving customers to dock’n’shop because of insta-locking campers outside the station. Not a huge problem for me and my logistics but for passers by stopping for some shopping, without several insta-undocks, it is a lot harder. But if I was just to consider the business side of it, I would stay. I would have to change the inventory, but I would probably earn a lot more catering for one of the biggest low sec entities!

Dammit, Loretta, I asked for an illustration of DOWNsizing!

Dammit, Loretta, I asked for an illustration of DOWNsizing!

But I already had a plan to downsize and specialize more on only certain ships and weapon systems, as covering the whole frigate market was just too much work for me. I want to run a small thrift shop as my original plan was. And for that kind of shop, Aeschee is no longer a good place to be. I am looking for a more backwater system to locate in. With just the right amount of transit traffic. I am still researching locations.


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