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Goodbye Aeschee

I am gonna miss those young soon-to-be Sisters of EVE. I loved to watch them from behind the freight containers in my hangar. Loretta always called me an old pig when she caught me. And she was right. Although, Larvell Hightower is the actual old pig in this crew. But, I digress: The ruthless Shadow Cartel has moved into the station and initiated full lock-down of the whole solar system. I barely got my pod out the other day. The sisters are in shock. The ruthless scumbags have made several attempts on the young students and supplies are running scarce as the cartel is hovering around the dock and shooting down anything that moves. Now, I am a proud service provider for the outlaw community in New Eden, but the cartel is another league of evil. And although I sort of enjoy watching the mayhem unfold outside of the station, I must admit it is no longer a good environment for a space trucker and business man such as myself. It is time to move on.

So, I am going through some old research notes on possible locations for my shop and I am slowly going to move my little storefront to another system. Any suggestions are welcome! I will also do some downsizing of my store due to the workload of maintaining a huge market. So expect a smaller and more specialized stock

The stocked items in Aeschee will not be moved (sorry, Shadow Cartel, I know you would like to blow up all my stuff!), so expect my presence for a long time still. My new store will be announced when I have established myself. Until then, keep coming to Aeschee and enjoy the mayhem and buy some of the stuff that is still in station! There are considerable savings as I am offering a risk rebate at the moment!


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