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Still Running Strong


Our little thrift shop is still open for business. It has been a few months with a few hiccups with our planetside clones, but we have managed to keep inventory reasonably stocked. Now we are getting more up to speed again and EVE Trader, the excellent script for the terran Neocom-device known as “the iPhone” has been updated and now includes contracts as well. This feature made me thinking of working more with our We Buy Your Loot-service. From today we accept contracted loot from all empire space and hope to see more contracts coming from pirates all over New Eden!

Income has been steady, but profits have now been used for market expansion. Our pirate investors have accepted a few months without dividends and this should help the expansion of more useful items for all you frigate pilots in Essence low sec. I would love to get more feedback on the selection of items available in Aeschee, though, so please send me EVEmails or use this form to give me some input on items you would like to see on the market.

Much love from your local used module dealer, Earl Flatts.

Oh, and yes, there are a few new shinies in The Back Room, send us a Want-to-buy contract and it might be yours for a reasonable price!


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