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Moving Faster

No, this is not a post about the incoming breakthroughs of New Edens finest scientist in the area of warping and it’s relation to ship size, but rather about the local market in Aeschee. It moves faster!

I have two main suspects: The recent events in the war between the Gallente and Caldari. And my recent restocking of almost all destroyers and frigates. I move more than the double amount of modules than I used to. And I think it has to do with an increase in local population and destructive behavior – and that the selection of ships are bigger and thus there are more pilots wanting to do a quick shopping and fitting while in low security space.

Whatever is the reason: I have a lot of work to do and I keep on expanding the market, rather than giving my investors quick ISK. We will see how long they will accept this policy. My nephew will start flying his expensive frigs again soon, according to rumors…


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