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September Report

No, I have not left my shop for good. I’ve just been struggling with planetary hardware issues. Especially those that relate to interfacing with my capsules and the camera drones. Thus, flying my spaceships have been hard lately and I’ve spent more time planet side trying to scrape together parts for a new interface. It has been ordered and soon you will see me in space a lot more again. Enough about that, lets go on to the results of September.

September was my second month in business and Guns & Banjos experienced more competition as expected, and thus a lower turnover. But since no more training permits for my crew was needed, there was no huge investments other than restocking the market, so profits where higher than in August. My investors are pleased.

The partnership that provided me hulls for the market has ended, so I will again have to restock the market myself. However, with higher profits I am going to spend some on hiring haulers for the bigger hulls, as I do not fly a jump freighter myself. A new stack of frigates and destroyers is on it’s way.

About hulls. I have decided to stay in the frigate and destroyer class market as the number of modules is quite enough for me to keep track of. That means Guns & Banjos will stay a specialty shop for the small craft pilot. However, certain mods and charges for larger ships might be provided every now and then. But it will be a while before I enter the market for larger hulls. Sorry, you cruiser and above pilots.

All in all, business is still good, and still up and running, but I would love to get some feedback on modules or charges or anything you would like to see stocked.


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