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August Report

I have been delivering guns and banjos to my customers for a month now! Has it been profitable? Yes and no. Has it been rewarding? Hell, yes! Have we had minor bumps in the road? Definitely. Will we keep on trucking mods to low sec space? Oh, yeah, baby, I am filling up my runner as we speak!

So, we could have been more profitable than we ended up, because Loretta wanted to study some more trading on her spare time. And that cost me an extra training permit for her license. But, as my accountant tells me, this is an investment, not a loss. And soon she will be able to set up almost as many sell orders as me. So, all in all: Profitable it has been, but not in terms of huge amounts of liquid cash. The market has also become visible for small time traders and competitors of all kinds that takes away from my profit, but all in all competition is good for the market as it gets more customers into the station.

But rewarding nonetheless! Lots of pleased customers, a few donations and a couple of contracted loot chests here and there. I am very happy for the reception of my humble store so far, however my investors are expecting some hard currency delivered to their wallet the next month, so no more time to waste on reports and paperwork, let’s get these new modules delivered to Aeschee!


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