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Welcome our new employee!

We have come to realize, after running this business for about two weeks, that we really could need an experienced accountant and old fashioned procurer situated in a rather well known trade hub in Caldari space. So we went looking for a recruit with decent skills in grooming numbers, and we found an amazing guy called Larvell Hightower, former police trainer and police retirement fund accountant. He knows how to make numbers look good!

Larvell Hightower, former police academy trainer and now our new accauntant and procurer.

Larvell Hightower, former police academy trainer, now Guns & Banjos’ new accauntant and procurer.

The office space rates in Jita are however so ridiculous that we settled for a partly furnitured freight container in a closed off part of the public hangars of Jita 4-4. The “room” could need some improvement, but this will have to do for now.

Hightower is already working like a madman and has secured us several good deals on different frigate hulls, including a Republic Fleet Firetail with original leather seating, that are now up for sale in the Aeschee market. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see on the market that isn’t already there!

Also, we would like to thank our colleague Sugar Kyle for providing us with some free press in here superb space log Lowsec Lifestyle. Please visit her and follow her adventures in Molden Heath.


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