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Pimp Your Spaceship!

My pirate contacts has provided some shiny loot for my dusty shelves, and since I had some sell orders free I put them right out on the market, instead of keeping them in the back room. Please browse the Aeschee market to find yourself some fancy Republic Fleet Warriors and Federation Navy Ogres – because drone bays like bling too! Or maybe you like to do drive by shootings with some faction or deadspace acceleration, then we have this nice Dominion 1mn Afterburner up for sale, and some Giisti B-Type Afterburners and Microwarpdrives stocked. Yes, they are expensive, but that is why they are so cool! You’ll look awesome with some bling on your ship! And if your ISK is limited there is always some alternatives on the market and you’re welcome to browse my junkyard for that very special piece of shit that makes your fitting perfect!


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